Friday, April 29, 2011

guest speakers + final stretch + updated my website

*updated May 2nd, 2011

its thursday night monday morning and it has been a super sleepless, busy, stressful .. last week. one more week to go. I am super excited about classes being done and summer is just right around the corner! this semester has been so exhausting but in a good way. Have been taught by many professionals in the industry.. super amazing and helpful with animation and the real world. Bret Schultz + Steve Segal + Hans Brekke + Ed Bell = all amazing

besides all the work I have to do.. on last monday.. Pete Docter from Pixar came to speak! It was super awesome and very encouraging. He was saying how we are all artists.. keep making films and reinventing ourselves :)

that thursday, Rocky and Alan came to speak from GhostBot.. we all to have "evolve or die" spoken from artists that have been through the ups and downs.. they were really honest about the real world.. and no matter how boring or lame that ball bounce is.. you always have to love what you do!

ALSO-- I have redesigned my whole portfolio website! check it!!

good luck on finals everyone!

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