Wednesday, March 7, 2012

silhouette practice

so lately I've been learning a lot about silhouettes and how it will improve character poses but i thought it would be interesting to do some of buildings.. which one do u like best?


  1. These are siiiiick, love seeing this stuff, more please?

    Dunno if you saw this when I brought it into class, but seriously check this out:

    Especially since you're on that environmental design track, this is good stuff. Also, when you do get your portfolio done, do this:

    Mike Yamada man, soo good. He's actually one of the artists in that book. The critique is 24 bucks, but worth it, especially since CCA doesn't have an environmental design class or anything close, so this could be the critique you never had :D.

    The second one on the right column is pretty sweet. I would say though, experiment more! Also, think straights vs. curves in your design.

    Don't forget though, have fun! It shows.

  2. awesome dude thanks so much! im gonna buy that book. so what is the critque thing? so u pay money to show your stuff to him and he critiques it?